As we welcome you and our students back, we wish you all a prosperous year full of knowledge, new skills, creativity and fun. We are well aware of the challenges we will all encounter this year. The staff at school, and you, parents at homes, are experiencing new and different beginning this school year.

Despite all these challenges, we believe that we will together form a great union to overcome this difficult time.

       This year our teachers and support staff have taken extraordinary steps to re-engage students in their learning, and to support students and families in accessing the next phase of distance learning.

      Our online-school day will start by the students checking their daily schedule, preparing all the books and sheets as agreed with their teachers, then by choosing a comfortable area for to start their day away from any distraction.

     Since we understand all your concerns, our plans are designed to meet your needs and solve all the problems that may arise during this atypical period.

We are sharing with you here our plan for the coming seven weeks.

§  You will receive a cycle plan via Eduflag on a weekly basis. It will be also posted on our virtual platform. The cycle plan will include the following,

-        the time and subject for every session

-        the delivery method (whether live or recorded)

-        the classwork and homework

-        the support needed from you as guidance to know how and what to focus on with your child (this applies for lower grades only)


§  knowing the connection between classroom design and learning outcomes, our virtual classes are designed esthetically to leverage the best of technology to make learning an easier and more convenient experience.

The classes will include all the tools to guarantee the students’ wellbeing, facilitate students’ collaboration, and increase their motivation to learn.


§  our virtual lessons will be organized as follows,

-        they will start with welcoming routines to build background with a connection to the new knowledge. This can be a short video, a game or any activity the teacher thinks is the best to start with.

-        The lesson itself will cover one or two objectives that are very clear and achievable. It will be delivered through different strategies depending mainly on students’ collaboration and on their interaction with their teacher.

-        Each lesson will end by a short application to get immediate feedback of students’ understanding. This can be as simple as a one-minute reflection, an activity, a game, or a short question.


-        The teachers will be meeting regularly with their students in small groups to check their mastery of the covered skills. Small-group meetings will be clearly mentioned on the cycle plans.

-        All live sessions will be recorded and archived for the students to get back to them when needed.


§  During the first week of school, teachers will cover any missing skills and will review all the skills needed to build up the new ones. Pre-tests will be prepared for some subjects to keep a record of the students’ strengths and weaknesses. These notes will be taken into consideration for follow up and to offer the appropriate help needed.


§  Office hours to communicate with the teachers will be arranged.


§  Our objective for this year is to help empowering our students and to build independent characters ready to face life challenges. Your support is needed to achieve this goal by creating a routine of study to follow, ensure your child daily attendance unless there is a valid reason for them to be absent. Motivate your child to be independent, and be a role model with your positive attitude towards learning and the whole challenging situation.

Students become independent when provided with opportunities to self-monitor, allowing choice and decision making, in addition to motivating them to communicate their concerns and inquiries.