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  • 🎉 Congratulations to Mila Alshi from Aslahafa International School for clinching the third place in the 2023 Writing Contest! 📚 Your talent and dedication shine bright, showcasing the power of words. 🌟 Keep inspiring us with your creativity and passion for storytelling! 👏 #AslahafaProud #WritingChampion 📝
  • We are pleased to announce that Al Sahafa International School is now an SAT Testing Center (Center # 52537)
  • Welcome to our new website .. Our team is 100% qualified and registered teaching team which is supported in its professional growth and with ongoing professional..
  • We are thrilled to announce and celebrate the remarkable achievements of two exceptional students who have excelled in the School Genius League 2023.

    Watan Yamen Basel Haj Abdelfattah secured an impressive third place for Grade 1, and Lina Ahmed Adel Abdelfattah clinched the prestigious first place for Grade 4 in the School Genius League.

  • We are pleased to announce that Al Sahafa International School is officially an AP exam centre that administers AP exams through College Board. This provides an opportunity for our  students to embark on the journey of external examinations in a steady and comfortable way.
  • Driven by our school vision and the Saudi Arabia 2030 Vision, our Grades 5 and 7 students completed the GoIT program successfully and presented their work to the TATA Consultancy Services Team. Our students made us proud with their projects and presentations, and the TATA group awarded them with certificates and trophies. Mrs. Ola proudly handed the trophies to the participants today in the morning assembly. Check our Facebook accounts for the pictures!
  • Al Sahafa students: Lara Bassam, Maha Shaheen, and Tia Matar participated in Data Science for Schools Competition which was hosted by Prince Sultan University. Our students won first place in the first round and fifth place in the final round. Their extraordinary skills and  dedication are distinguished and appreciated.
  • We are thrilled to announce that Al Sahafa International School won first place in the First Young English Linguist Competition held at Prince Sultan University on March 22, 2022.  🎉🎉🎉
    Our top-notch students, Batoul Chalhoub, Bushra Al Tahhan, Leen Bassam, and Malaka Hasan from Grade 12, competed against 9 other schools in Riyadh and ranked first. 

Welcome to our website

AlSahafa International School is a learning place where Pre K-12 students are instructed by highly skilled teachers with engaging and thoughtfully prepared lessons Our staff takes a collaborative approach to education and takes pride in making each day a learning day for our students.

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“We strive to build and maintain an organized intrinsically motivated and innovative community with proper communication channels to reach academic excellence and life success”


“To passionately and purposefully support student learning in a cooperative atmosphere, and provide a balanced education system that equips students with the latest skills, positive attitudes and required knowledge”

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AlSahafa School

Preparing leaders with a smart perspective.

What Makes Us Special?

Our school has a very special family feel where all students, staff and parents feel valued and enjoy working together to ensure student success and wellbeing.

As the world is changing so fast our children need to develop open inquiring minds, be creative, look for innovation and be able to make change. An articulated, always reviewed, and reflected upon learning program is what makes us different.

Our Students are highly self-motivated and they love to learn. They encourage and inspire others and make the most of opportunities available.


AlSahafa International School

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